Latest small form Music Server from Antipodes with the matching power supply.


High Power Server+Player
Tuned for Server Apps
Direct Outputs: Direct Ethernet & USB
Plus Stream To Players On Your Network
Upgradable By Adding S20, S30 And/Or S60
70mm (H) x 165mm (W) x 260mm (D)


Item is basically new with all packaging.


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Antipodes S40 Music Server with S60 Power Supply

  • The small form factor Antipodes S40 uses the same server engine as is used in the K30, but is powered by a standard external power supply brick. The S40 can be upgraded by adding the HSL50-based S60 Power Supply, to deliver considerably better audio performance.

    The Antipodes S40 uses the v5.2H board. This board is a ‘first’ – the first Antipodes board that is excellent for both server apps and player apps.

    The S40 can run both Server Apps and Player Apps, and/or stream to multiple devices on your network

    Or improve its Server performance by streaming to a separate Player device, such as a S30

    The Antipodes S40 includes analog output on headphone jack. This is provided for convenience and does not imply we have included a headphone DAC of the same class as the music server engine. The analog sound is good and is provided to enable an easier entry point for someone that does not yet have a good DAC. To realise the full potential of the S40, you should add a quality DAC, or stream to a quality Player such as an Antipodes S30.

    “When we thought we were in a “ten” with the S40 and S30, sandwiching the S20 between its USB outputs and the SPDIF input (we didn’t even test I2S) of the DAC left us in awe. A true “honor plate” because to what we had already been appreciating, there was added a naturalness of timbre never experienced with a digital source, textures in the sound more realistic even than those offered by a good cymbal. I was admiring this ensemble while I did this test with several songs, but I remember very in particular how Hilary Hahn’s violin (Bach concerts at Deutsche Grammophon) sounded like I had never heard it before, not even with very high-profile SACD, because that recording was made by I have in that format too. Although the word does not correspond to the beauty of that music, I have to write it: brutal.” HiFi Live ( – Josep Armengol – 16 April 2021

    Install your own storage disk, up to 5TB HDD or 8TB SSD, or have your provider install it for you. Add USB drives. Include music files located elsewhere on your network. Upload music files from anywhere on your network. Add internet streaming services. Attach an Antipodes K10 Ripper to import music from your CDs. All easily user-configurable to form a single integrated music library that is available to all playback solutions selected.

    Easily select the playback solutions you wish to use, from the world’s best high-end digital audio software providers. Stream by Direct Ethernet connection or USB Audio to your main stereo system, and at the same time stream over your network to streaming devices.

    Setup and control everything from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.